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richard payne

I had a fence company drill an 18" hole 6' deep, built the rebar cage and ouored it myself. maybe 2 hrs mixing the concrete. I built an
18x18 form 6" deep around the hole and bolted a pier on top, this allows a different pier height for the future.

On Nov 5, 2021, at 9:47 AM, Richard Payne <rpayne85392@...> wrote:

Call a fence company to drill the hole
maybe $200?  do the rest yourself, a Harbor Freight mixer, easy!

On Nov 5, 2021, at 9:16 AM, Jeff B <mnebula946@...> wrote:

Go slowly.  

A suggestion.  Find a small local steel fabricator who does small jobs and have them weld up a nice, custom pier.  Then have them or a vendor powder coat it, or even a local body shop prep and spray it.  I've done that a couple of times and they can look great!!  Yeah, it might cost about a kilo-buck or so...but it looks great!!

Some standard features I incorporate are pre-drilled and tapped holes in the top plate to take your pier adapter, an ~6" diameter hole in the top, and a 4" hole with bolted on cover at the south side bottom.  Why?  Because I completely fill up the pier with dry play sand once it has been aligned and bolted to the concrete pad it sits on.    The sand adds mass and  completely deadens the structure and if you wrap your knuckles on the side of the pier after its been filled with sand, it WILL hurt. 

A fabricated pier made from steel pipe with gussets at the base is also an option but may not be any cheaper that one fabricated from flat stock, it would be worth asking about.

One interesting thing is that when I explain what my projects are for, the shops typically find that really pretty cool.  



On Fri, Nov 5, 2021 at 11:42 AM Howard Ritter via <> wrote:
I want to put my upcoming AP 1600GTO on a concrete pier. My plan is to dig a 24” circular pit a foot deep, auger a 12” hole 3-4’ deep in the middle of this, put a 7-8’ Sonotube down to the bottom, pound some rebars into the ground at the bottom to fix them in place, fill the pit with concrete as a stabilizing collar, and then fill the Sonotube with concrete for a pier about 42” high.

So, a small pit, a hole, an 8'Sonotube and 30’ of rebar, a few cubic ft. of concrete. Do it myself? Sounds like a fair amount of work, plus renting an auger and an electric mixer. Contract it out? How expensive can that be? Sounds like a better deal to me!

Well. The estimate from the neighborhood landscape contractor – if I dig the 2’ x 1’ pit - was $4450! He didn’t itemize the estimate, but I just cannot conceive of how such a figure was attained. I looked at it twice, and it’s not $445.00 with a zero missing.

This is now a DIY project after all. Advice?


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