APCC/APPM requirements for the Astro-Physics mounts.


Hi, A-P team:

I am asking this for a future purchase, and hopefully for the benefit of others who might have a similar question.

So far I have been under the impression that to be able to build a pointing model and use it with any of the Astro Physics mounts, I had to use the APPM to build a model, and APCC to use that model with the mount to improve pointing & tracking accuracy; especially for unguided imaging to factor in real-world sources of errors even with near-perfect polar-alignment. Of course, one can choose NOT to do all this and just do autoguiding to provide the necessary feedback and still get wonderful results with A-P mounts.

Is my understanding correct on the need for APPM/APCC to fully benefit from encoders & unguided imaging with the A-P mounts? If so, is there a plan to move the model building & usage to the mount computer itself eventually to allow customers to use any software, or even a hand-controller, to coordinate model building & usage? Perhaps a firmware update to CP4/CP5. Is there any other performance-related functionality that is only provided as part of APCC/APPM software?

Thanks & best regards,

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