Re: AP1100 Newbie Question

Mark Lamb wrote:


  • No automated rotator, but I have a dovetail type (w/ 3 screws) rotating adapter from my Vixen FL55ss drawtube to M48.  I manually set the camera angle using levels or the BuckeyeStarGazer's triple camera rotation levels, so it needs a flat reference point, which I use as the Park 3 position (assuming the mount was perfectly level).  With the AP1100's RA and Dec reference marks, I will be off to the extent the tripod is not exactly level.


I do not have an automated one either, but use NINA's "Manual Rotator" (I think Voyager has one also). 


With this, I can do a plate solve early in the evening, and it will prompt me "Rotate clockwise 10 degrees" (or whatever), and continue to iterate with an exposure and prompt until I achieve whatever level of accuracy I desire.  I use 1 degree.  This keeps multi-night sessions well aligned so I do not lose a lot of the area from bad overlaps.


I mention it as convenient for those who find manual leveling and eyeball rotation a bit frustrating or not accurate enough.


I have a short sequence that slews high for a PHD2 calibration, and it does the rotation "calibration" just before PHD2, and ASTAP's plate solving is good enough it all occurs well before it is dark enough to really start imaging.


One thing I'm impressed with on the Ap1100 is after the flip it's within a small fraction of a degree of the same sky rotation, nicely orthogonal.



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