Re: AP1100 Newbie Question

Mark Lamb

No automated rotator, but I have a dovetail type (w/ 3 screws) rotating adapter from my Vixen FL55ss drawtube to M48.  I manually set the camera angle using levels or the BuckeyeStarGazer's triple camera rotation levels, so it needs a flat reference point, which I use as the Park 3 position (assuming the mount was perfectly level).  With the AP1100's RA and Dec reference marks, I will be off to the extent the tripod is not exactly level.

With my other scopes, SVX130T, Esprit 100, and EdgeHD 925, I will be doing something similar, using the same ~ Park 3 position and either rotating the focuser, the scope in rings, or the COAG's dovetail rotation.

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