michael mccann wrote:


  • You’re right, and I’m seeing that there’s a conversion factor I hadn’t take into account.  Thanks for being persistent.  


You are most welcome. 


I am pretty sure that astronomers in the past who set the standards followed some ancient tradition of "make it complicated enough that most people cannot understand it", so they just switch units of measure around randomly, from hour angles to RA angles to RA degrees, then throw in minutes and seconds that mean different things (arc seconds vs RA seconds), and if that is not enough they move them around by changing coordinate systems from Jnow to J2000 randomly in various places. Except of course went they use LSR, Alt/Az.  How far away is something?  Well, if you figure it out in light years, I'll use parsecs.  And don't get me started on DC wiring connectors, but your 5.5/2.5 is going to disconnect randomly occasionally from your 5.5/2.1 that looks nearly identical, so throw in power poles, cigarette lighters, and a few RCA connectors.   Just when you think it's all coming clear someone starts describing how pierside really should work vs they way your particular driver interprets it, naturally explaining it for a target transiting under the pole.


And we tackle all this for fun.  😊


I wonder if "hobby astrophotographer" is a diagnosis in the DSM of psychiatry.  😊


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