Re: APCC meridian limits warning

Ray Gralak

Hi Geoff,

In the APCC documentation the following warning appears frequently:
"The Meridian Limits, are primarily tracking limits in the west,
and counterweight-up slewing guides for APCC's advanced
slew logic in the east. They will NOT prevent you from
slewing into your pier with an incorrect slew, or from running
into the pier with direction buttons."
So I get that using the direction buttons can run the telescope into the pier. However, if the meridian limits are
set up correctly, what else constitutes an "incorrect" slew?
That part of the documentation could be better worded. "Slew" was meant to be a move either by button presses or setting the move rate to a fast speed in APCC or the ASCOM driver and just letting it go. But if you have an encoder mount, there is a way to protect the mount even under those conditions, and that is by setting up the Home/limits.


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