Thanks for the new BETA  A few comments follow.  Your insight IS appreciated.    I hope these are helpful to others.

·        Program installed without issue. (1100 GT non-AE)

·        Following using

o   FOV = 135’ x 90’

o   Image scale = 1.1”/pxl

o   70 MP fits file.   No need to bin.   APPM would not read the original file. Cropped to 1/4x1/4.  Cropped image also downloads faster and solves fast.  No brainer there.

·        Initially, (local install) would solve, but ASTAP and, hence, APPM would not.

·        Took significant fiddling with gain, exposure, etc to come up with images that will solve.  Some images that would solve in ASTAP directly would not solve in APPM. 

·        Finally got everything lined out sufficiently to build a 227 pt model (Large Map default) with only 3 Solve Fails and those point were on the horizon.   Using this model, I was able to capture up to 15 minute subs un-guided.  I did not test beyond 15 minutes.

·        I also solved images from following train

o   FOV = 27 x 18’

o   Image scale = 0.4’/pxl

o   22 MP fits.  Uncropped, no need to bin.

·        Tips (at least these helped me)

o   Getting the image close is key (Ray says this in the documentation as well.)

o   However, setting Image scale tolerance to 50% gave me more latitude. May increase solve time, but only by small amounts.

o   Solve button will work when Blind Solve does not on the same image.

o   The initial RA and Dec only needs to be accurate to 1 hour and 1 degree, e.g. 3 50 will solve an image with center at

§  3h 23m 15s

§  49d 43m 36s

One comment.  People mention ‘setting’ the FOV.   As near as I can determine, there is no place to set the FOV directly.  APPM can calculate FOV from the sensor parameters, which is supplied from FITS header, and image scale, which is set in APPM and sent to FITS header.  Is this correct?



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