Re: Keypad 4.19.5 unsuccessful upload

Suresh Mohan

Peter ,
     I did that two years ago had hell , I’m trying to recall how I finally did it. If im not mistaken it was a cable issue . How do u connect to the pc ?

On Nov 2, 2021, at 8:29 AM, Peter Nagy <topboxman@...> wrote:


I've been trying to upload Keypad version 4.19.5 firmware to my Keypad that was previously version 4.19.3 but no success yet. The first two times I tried to upload Keypad version 4.19.5 to my Keypad was unsuccessful and I allowed two hours each time for uploading when it should have taken about 20 minutes according to A-P instructions.

I followed A-P "Upgrading Your Keypad to 4.19.5 - Code Only Java Keypad Loader" documentation as close as possible. I got as far as to Step #7 under "Keypad Code Load" and it stayed stuck at "Completed 20% of Code Load" as shown in first screenshot.

Here are the two screenshots of trying to upload to Keypad version 4.19.5 to my keypad.

The first screenshot showed only 20% completion of upload after two hours of trying. The second screenshot shows status of Keypad after two hours of uploading without success.

Please advise me what I could do for successful uploading of Keypad version 4.19.5. Now my Keypad is totally useless because it does not any longer boot to previous 4.19.3 version. My Keypad serial number is 3771GTO which is well above the minimum Keypad serial number of 1565GTO.

I have been successful uploading three previous versions Keypad in the past without issues since owning first run A-P1100GTO mount (October 2013). This is my first time using Java Keypad Loader and it was not successful.

Thank you,

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