Re: APPM and NINA Plate Solving -- Possible to use PlateSolve2?



I used to use Platesolve 2 all the time as well, but switched to ASTAP. It’s free, is WAY faster at solving, and just seems to work better.  You should give it a look and try it.  Plus, I didnt think Platesolve 2 was being supported anymore, but I may be wrong.


On Nov 1, 2021, at 1:45 PM, John Upton <upton@...> wrote:


   I am attempting to learn NINA to try it out after using SGP for the past 8 years. I still like SGP but NINA (1.11) is looking more feature rich and I think I should at least try it out.

   I have Plate Solving working in NINA using PlateSolve2. I can take and image a solve it within NINA. I wanted to try to build a simple model in APPC (via APPM) as I have been doing with SGP.

   I set up the camera control in APPM to use NINA and it connected to the NINA server just fine. I already had APPM configured to use PlateSolve2 (when I was using SGP) so just tried a Plate Solve and Recal to see what happens. That is when I discovered that APPM seems to be locked to use ASTAP when using NINA. Even with the APPM camera set to NINA, APPM threw an error saying SGP was not running (which was true but unexpected).

   Is there a way to use my working PlateSolve2 through NINA in APPM or must I install yet another plate solver (ASTAP) just to do modeling in APPM with NINA?


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