Electro-Static Discharge Protection for Older Mounts

Scott Cooke

If anyone has a 900 or 1200 mount and perhaps other older GTO mounts, AP is offering an Electro-Static Discharge board to be installed in the motor-gearbox assemblies.  The Dec motor on my 900 decided to stop working so after a conversation with Howard in tech support, I sent both my RA and Dec assemblies.  It turns out that the motor encoder on the Dec had gone bad.  They had to replace the motor and encoder so they moved the old motor to the Dec and installed the new motor in the RA and installed new protection boards in both to help prevent this from happening again.  I would recommend this board change to avoid paying for new motors and encoders.  I know it is available for the 900, 1200, and I believe they said the 3600, but it is not available for the 400.

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