Mach2 CP5 Orthogonality Model #Mach2GTO #Keypad

John Upton

Hi AP folks,

  I have a follow up question related to a previous thread I started a few months back.
(Interactions Between Keypad and APCC Orthogonality Models?)

   In that thread, Roland said "the Ortho is always on regardless of whether you use or turn off any of the other keypad models. Once you enter ortho data it stays there until you overwrite it by doing a new ortho routine."

   My new question is whether there "is any other way to zero out the Ortho Model data stored inside the CP5"?

   I have gotten myself into a situation where pointing is off by quite a bit making it difficult to even perform a new Otho Model with the keypad. (I accidentally identified a different/wrong  star in the second part of the procedure.) The pointing error is causing long Plate Solves when I build an APCC model or simply do a Plate Solve and Recal. The resulting APCC Model pointing is good and works very well but building it takes longer because of the CP5 Ortho Model pre-corrections for each slew.

   Is there a quicker way to reset the Ortho parameters to zero / default without doing a good new Ortho Model with the Keypad?


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