Re: APCC Meridian Tracking Limits and Sequence Generator Pro


Ray, I am not sure why I can't communicate the issue to you properly, but I will continue to try.  I don't want to check the CW up slew west box.  I do want any slew command issued by SGP past the meridian to cause a meridian flip as that is how SGP initiates a flip.  However, I do want the mount to track past the meridian to the APCC limit minus the offset and pass that value to SGP so that it will invoke the flip at the delayed point and take advantage of the ability to track past the meridian.

The problem that I have is that without having the CW up slews within West limits box checked, APCC does not pass the additional meridian delay as shown in my first screenshot above.  I feel that this is a bug.  Also, why does checking the CW Up slew limits for the East automatically check the one for the West? 

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