Re: New beta version of APCC Standard ( and Pro (


Hi Ray.  Tonight was the first night that I was able to try and image with the Beta APCC.  I wanted to to try it for this feature "APCC Standard / Pro - Provides an additional time offset for meridian flip point for Sequence Generator Pro users. Occasionally
someone has reported a flip has not occurred because of a race condition between SGPro and the mount. This offset can be used to move the flip point so that flips reliably occur." However, last night I had two meridian flip failures on two targets. I am using the latest version of SGP version The previous version of APCC did meridian flips fine, with the same APCC and SGP settings. I will revert to the previous version of APCC and test it tonight.

Here are my APCC settings.

And a link to the log files for APCC and SGP. Only the second flip failure is shown in the SGP Log, as I had to restart SGP after the first flip failure.

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