Re: AP1100AE, while tracking/guiding "Motor Stall"

Ray wrote:

A motor stall is reported from the firmware and is not something the software could be doing.
When a motor stall occurs, it's like it sounds - the motor stops tracking (it's not the software issuing a stop).
As to why a stall occurred, it could be an imbalance or low power voltage/current.
There may be other reasons as well. If you can't find the problem give A-P a call tomorrow.
The mount is on its own Powerwerx 25A supply powered by AC (set at 14.1 fixed), with 12awg wire closeby. Not power I think. Definitely not balance.

Help me with some perspective -- is this the sort of thing you should ignore if it happens once, and wait for it to get more chronic? Write it off to cosmic rays? (no relation I assume)

Or is this the kind of thing I should pursue even for one event as it might presage something going wrong?

At this point other than the sporadic clouds it continues to work. The mount was not power cycled or anything.


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