Re: 1200 not returning to Park 5

Ray Gralak

Hi Peter,

For now, you should keep the A-P hand controller disconnected from the mount and let APCC initialize and park the mount. Park the mount to Park 3 using APCC and manually move the mount if needed to the Park 3 position. Then unpark and park to Park 5. If you leave your mount set up permanently make sure to always unpark from the last parked position.


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Subject: [ap-gto] 1200 not returning to Park 5

My 1200 still parks one hour CW up after a session started from Park 5. I checked the site time settings, which
are correct. I also copied the mount location and time to the hand controller (selection #3). Its not a severe
problem, but it never used to do this.

The previous RA non-response probably was caused by an out of balance condition. That is working well now.

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