Re: Newbie questions


My 12” concrete pier goes 4’ down, and extends above ground level to just a few inches below the mount. 12” concrete is extremely stiff and very cheap. It’s also very weather resistant. I have a Dan’s Pier Plate with an AP adapter plate, sitting on 4 3/4” SS bolts, about 2.5” off the top of the concrete. I can kick the pier hard enough to hurt, or slap the base of the mount hard, and there’s no visible motion even at high power. Something to consider if you want maximum stability and are sure of the height you will use. 

I rented an electric mixer from the local hardware store, and it made the job much easier. Sakrete is fine, as long as it is the mix for foundation work. Yes on the rebar, with wire between the vertical bars to hold them stable. Be sure they don’t interfere with the J-bolts, but do overlap with them. Make a wooden template to hold the J-bolts in position and test fit with the rebar before mixing. Be prepared for the mix to make it challenging to push them in. Gravel always seems to block them. I ended up filling the top foot with the template just above the top of the sonotube, through the gap under the template, then wiggling them down the last few inches. I wished I had cut a center hole in the template to make it easier to fill, but it still worked out. 


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