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Howard Hedlund

You all know that I am a HUGE fan of APCC Pro’s modeling! 


  • Be careful using the modeled terms as true values.  
  • The model is a *best-fit* and the individual terms are modeled – NOT individually measured.
  • Use the model as a guide for what needs attention.
  • Use other methods to actually measure and remedy the problems.
    • Polar Align!!  RAPAS gets you real close.  PEMPro’s Polar Align Wizard is awesome to finish it off to perfection!  Polar alignment problems in *perfectly polar aligned* mounts is a very common problem.
    • Measure orthogonality error easily with any AP GTO mount.  Fix orthogonality mechanically with shims or other adjustments as needed.  Remember that the error is half the measured value.
  • Fix the most obvious problems and then run a mapping again.  See how the model values change including those that you did not specifically address.
  • See how much your modeled results improve when there is less to correct.


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  • That said, I think the next step for me will be to learn how to interpret the modeled terms so I can improve my setup. But I think I'll keep that for a future post...


I would love to hear more about that, how to interpret these numbers to pick higher priority items to address, or at least to understand, so please do share.


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