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Sébastien Doré

Glad if it can help Tom! 🙂I too am a pilgrim in the world of point modeling. Our specific use case doesn't seem that common either so I thought it could indeed be of interest to share.

As many, I like to make the most out of my equipment/software and squeeze every drop of performance whenever I can. That's what I do for a living too (profesionnal system engineer) so I am used to complex system integration / optimization. Of course, AP equipment quality / support tremendously helps alleviate the grieve and so does the community on this forum. So I am happy when I can give back.

That said, I think the next step for me will be to learn how to interpret the modeled terms so I can improve my setup. But I think I'll keep that for a future post...

Clear skies!

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Sebastien, thank you so much for your pioneering work and breaking new ground with the combination of DSLR/large FL/tight Dec-arcs and plate solves.   You have given us a nice map on how to proceed forward in the wilderness when you are a pilgrim like me.  Thanks So Much!   Tom Fischer, Indy


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