Re: Copy APMM model from one computer to another

Ray Gralak

Hi Rick,

If there are two different telescopes involved, then you normally wouldn't want to use the same model for both.

That said, just copying the model is insufficient to configure your second computer. You should:

1) Use APCC's menu File->Save Settings as.. to save the settings information to a file.
2) Copy the file to the second computer.
3) Use APCC's menu, File->Load Settings.. to load the settings information in the file.
4) Each computer should be configured to unpark from the last parked position.


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Hi All,

I run 2 imaging systems on my AP1000AE and use 2 independent computers to run each system. I do this
because I have had driver issues running both on the same computer.

I built a pointing model on one and copied it to the other. But when I startup the second computer, the
telescope pointer in my planetarium program is 90 degrees from where it should be.

I park in pos 5 and the pointer should be due north but it is due east and when I slew, it works from that east

I checked all the settings in APCC Pro, the V2 driver and the planetarium software and they are all the same.

Any clue?

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