Re: VPort2 / Fault / Sync Target: Valid Alt/Az, RA/Dec, HA/Dec has not been received!"

Erkaslan Aygen

You were banned from the forum, what was the reason ? I understand they might have some rules with regards to "ask for support". However, what's the purpose of having a forum then ?

Would be very nice if I could find someone using the same softwares. It couldn't hurt to exchange with people using the same gear / softwares. 

Something that I still don't understand (I am not a software developer, and still) : by changing the regional settings in W10, why am I no longer able to fully access all the setting of the automation software ? This sounds strange to me since people are using it all over the world. Again, I am not a soft developer, but I would have thought that by "tricking" the system with such regional settings, it could just work - but I am probably wrong.

Coming back to my initial issue, I will install later one of the former versions and give it a go. And then, we can take it from there. 

Thank you anyway for your kind advice, much appreciated !


Le sam. 23 oct. 2021 à 16:37, ap@... <ap@...> a écrit :

Erkaslan Aygen wrote:


  • Yes, that's Voyager. Indeed, one of my first step was to ask for Voyager's support. They are always supportive, but they also told me that the issue is not related to Voyager but with the AP driver. Also, I was strongly advised not to change any regional settings.... anyway. Since I am not an expert, I am open to any help / suggestions. I can't just "sit and complain". That's why I am applying thoroghougly Ray's recommendations - at least I am trying someting :)

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