Re: VPort2 / Fault / Sync Target: Valid Alt/Az, RA/Dec, HA/Dec has not been received!"

Erkaslan Aygen wrote:


  • Yes, that's Voyager. Indeed, one of my first step was to ask for Voyager's support. They are always supportive, but they also told me that the issue is not related to Voyager but with the AP driver. Also, I was strongly advised not to change any regional settings.... anyway. Since I am not an expert, I am open to any help / suggestions. I can't just "sit and complain". That's why I am applying thoroghougly Ray's recommendations - at least I am trying someting :)


I looked at Voyager briefly, asked where is the 64 bit version, and was instantly banned from the forums by Leo.   Let's say I am glad the support attitude at AP is more mature, as is NINA's.  😊


I wonder though if you can find someone in your same scenario (same gear, region) maybe on their forum.  I realize Leo is not receptive to support issues on the forum, but if you could find someone else using the same software and APPC and in the same region that is working, you might message them and ask if they can discuss with you outside the forums.   Or if you are on Astrobin, their search may let you find someone using both from their photos.


Voyager is pretty widely used, as is APCC, and it just seems likely someone else has either hit this problem, or by comparing notes you can find out what's different for you.


I wish I had better advice.  It does indeed sound frustrating.




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