Re: VPort2 / Fault / Sync Target: Valid Alt/Az, RA/Dec, HA/Dec has not been received!"

Erkaslan Aygen

Thank you Ray, you're right regarding APCC - don't know why I uninstalled it (maybe due to some irritations...).

Keep you posted.


Le sam. 23 oct. 2021 à 01:10, Ray Gralak <iogroups@...> a écrit :
Hi Aygen,

First, you don't need to uninstall APCC, as it is not the problem. In fact, APCC identified a hidden problem!!

You can configure the ASCOM driver to communicate directly with the mount instead of APCC. This will take APCC completely out of the loop.

BTW, you might want to try each of these versions to see if any work with your Windows Enterprise o/s:

AstroPhysics V2 Setup v5.21.01
AstroPhysics V2 Setup v5.20.09

These two do not support TCP:
AstroPhysics V2 Setup v5.09.09
AstroPhysics V2 Setup v5.09.07

You can download those from here:

And that error message is generated when there is no network response from the mount. If you see one occasionally, it is probably just network congestion, and you can ignore it. However, if it happens often, it could be a sign that the local network is not very reliable.


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> So, all updates installed correctly.
> I gave it a try with the regional setting back = problem back ! This is really, really embarrassing and irritating.
> Sure, by having the regional setting as if I am in the USA, it's seems to be working as a breeze. However, and
> as mentioned, by doing this, I have only limited access to my automated software.
> Honestly, I don't know what to do anymore. For the time being, I will test only with the AP driver (APCC
> uninstalled) and see what result I can get.
> Last, what might cause the below message (first time I got it) ?

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