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In reading the other responses to your question I just realized another potential advantage to the Star-GPS I use. It doesn't need a computer or USB or a cellular connection. It's a stand-alone GPS device that directly feeds the controller.

So you can use it without a computer using just the HC, or with the mount being controlled by SkySafari running from a phone or tablet.


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I don't know about the CP4 controller, but I've used two different Star-GPS
units on my Mach1 with CP3. These are tiny little GPS antennas you stick
somewhere where they have a view of the sky -- and then there's a thin cable
that comes out of the unit, goes to a AA battery power supply, and finally into
a DB-9 RS-232 port on your mount.

With the old CP3 controllers, they had a built-in 6v power port that worked
perfectly with the Star-GPS, but I understand that external power supply port
is gone now with the CP4. So you'd need the newer Star-GPS with its own AA
battery power supply. And I suspect that's the only one you can buy now.

These are made in Canada and you night have to order directly online from
them. The actual GPS unit is standard, then you order the correct cable for
your specific mount. One cable is included in the purchase price I think.

There's a little flashing L.E.D. light in the GPS antenna that lets you know what
it's doing (searching for a fix, has a fix, has sent the data to your mount). I
then set my AP HC to accept external time/date/location data.

I put a little Velcro patch on the bottom of my Star-GPS antenna, and then a
matching Velcro patch on the top of my scopes. Of course, once the data is
fed to your mount, you no longer need it connected and can completely
remove it -- until the next time you fire the system up..


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I’m looking for a GPS solution that I can use with GTOCP4 or windows.
Preferably something I can use with GTOCP4. My issue is that I’m so
close to AZ and NM border my internet, a mobile phone, can’t always
decide whether or not I’m in pacific or mountain time zone. I use the
GPS device Losmandy sells for my G11. I’d like to hear everyone’s
favorite solution for GTOCP4. I wonder also if there’s a way to adapt
the Losmandy GPS to connect to GTOCP4.



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