Re: APCC error: "FindFeeQacIndex:no free entries!"

Mike C

I once tried quite hard to get a StarTech Ethernet to Serial converter working to run my APCC from.  After it became clear that I would never get rid of comm packets getting lost occasionally, I ditched it and went back to a hard wired connection. However, once the StarTech drivers were installed on the PC,  a re-install of APCC would never work again, the virtual serial ports would never function, and it would get exactly that QacIndex error.  I believe that error is from the virtual serial port software saying it can't do something. 

I removed every piece of software related to the StarTech drivers I could find, but the QacIndex error continued. I wrote AP for technical assistance. George taught me to look in the device manager for hidden devices. There were some, I removed them and checked their file names and removed all those files manually. The QacIndex errors continued.

In the end I wiped the PC, reinstalled Win10 and APCC immediately installed and I never saw the error again.

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