Re: Mach2 DEC axis movement.

Stacey Mills

Curiosity got the best of me and I thought the looseness (glad I didn't use the "s" word and irritate Roland!), was more than I wanted.  What I discovered when I took the covers off was that the two bolts holding the entire DEC drive assembly were slightly loose.  These are located just below the covers and secure the black anodized bracket that holds the drive motor assembly.  A quick tighten with an Allen wrench and the DEC axis was back as it should be.  You need to remove both covers to get to these two bolts. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You'll need to remove the black axis plug used for mounting a PoleMaster scope to remove the top drive cover.  I'd recommend removing all the top cover screws before removing this plug, remove it, remove the top cover and put the plug back in.  You DON'T want a bolt dropping into that opening!  The plug can stay in for removing the bottom cover.


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