New beta version of APCC Standard ( and Pro (

Ray Gralak

Hello all,

Here are new BETA versions of APCC Standard and Pro.

Note that I said BETA! I've tested them to the best that I can, but please only download/try these if you want to try a specific new
feature. There is also more work to be done updating the help file. That said, you can easily downgrade APCC by reinstalling the
last public releases on the astro-physics web site.

Here are most of the changes:

APCC Standard / Pro - Because the NASA Horizons website has been revamped, copying/pasting the website data no longer works as
instructed in the help. However, the web site now allows you to download the file. Horizons (the application) now has a new button,
that when clicked, allows you to select the downloaded ephemeris file.
APCC Standard / Pro - Provides an additional time offset for meridian flip point for Sequence Generator Pro users. Occasionally
someone has reported a flip has not occurred because of a race condition between SGPro and the mount. This offset can be used to
move the flip point so that flips reliably occur.
APCC Pro - Any calculated pointing term that exceeds a predetermined maximum value is set to 0 to prevent huge over-corrections when
using the all-sky pointing models. When generating Dec Arc models sometimes the generated pointing model will have crazy-high term
values. This change zeros out any pointing term with a crazy-high value so that pointing will not be grossly wrong.
APCC Pro - The 3D View now follows the Mach 2 position even when declutched. You might see warnings pop up in this version, but
those will be removed in the next release build.

The following change requires a license dated August 1, 2020 or later:

APCC Pro - APPM - Add check box to ASTAP plate solve configuration to use FITS header for RA, Dec, and image scale.
APCC Pro - APPM - Add new command line switch (-M) to accept configuration on the Measurement Points tab. This is for Dec-Arc
support using NINA's method of kicking off a dec-arc modeling run before imaging.

APCC Standard BETA:


-Ray Gralak

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