Re: AP1100 / APCC Wired Ethernet Connection to Laptop Turning Off WiFi

Mark Lamb

My setup is semi-permanent, e.g. mount is setup on my back patio.  I do not move my Losmandy FHD tripod and generally keep my mount attached.  If it looks like bad winter weather is coming, I will carry my mount (ex tripod) inside.  If the forecast is for several days of good weather, I also keep the scope/camera assembled on the mount, covering with a thick towel and a scope cover.  When the scope/camera is inside, I cover the naked mount with a large plastic trash can with a scope cover on top.  I also keep a gun cabinet warming rod plugged in to keep humidity down under the cover.  When I first got my G11 (my very 1st mount) in Spring 2018, I would carry my mount and tripod in/out to my basement.  But in Fall 2018, I was T-boned by a car while riding my bike, totally destroying my knee (shattered Tibia Plateau), so I need to limit my carrying in/out.  Pre accident, cycling was my main hobby (up to 9K miles/year), but luckily I had just started down the rabbit hole of astrophotography.  Thinking about AP was the main thing I would think about for the 6 weeks I was immobile in the hospital or rehab facility or the many months of wheelchair bound at home recovering.  So now AP is my main hobby.

The WiFi is connected to my home's WiFi.  The WiFi is only for convenience, such as some browsing while waiting for 8 minute exposures to complete.

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