Re: AP1100 / APCC Wired Ethernet Connection to Laptop Turning Off WiFi

Erkaslan Aygen

Dear Mark,

First of all, congratulations on your new mount ! 

I am not the biggest Windows expert, but as far as I know you can still keep the wifi functional while having the Ethernet cable plugged into your laptop. However, this isn’t the best choice especially if you need a specific device to be connected via Ethernet rather than wifi (to ensure flawless communication). But since APCC let you chose the connection method (on your case, TCP/LAN), you shouldn’t be bothered.

Let me ask a question : how do you operate (fixed like an observatory or mainly “nomad) ?

For instance, if you possess a good mobile network, you may also trigger a hotspot via your mobile (that’s what I would do if I am remote without wifi / internet).

I am sure you will get helpful tips by the community :)


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