AP1100 / APCC Wired Ethernet Connection to Laptop Turning Off WiFi

Mark Lamb

A few days ago, I received my AP1100, my 1st A-P product, to replace my ES/Losmandy G11 w/ PMC-8 as my main imaging mount.

I have had connection issues using USB, with 2 of 5 nights Windows not recognizing the AP1100.  The AP1100 was connecting through a StarTech powered 4 port USB3 hub, and the cable from the AP1100 is a new, Monoprice 3' USB2 cable.  Last night after the laptop/APCC not seeing the AP1100 USB, I connected the AP1100 using Wired Ethernet to my laptop (outside ~ 3ft from AP1100).  It connected fine and ran all night without a hitch, but when I plugged the Ethernet cable into my HP Z-Book (Windows10) laptop, the laptop turns off WiFi.  I would like to still have WiFi while I am outside with my mount.

I expect the issue is a Windows 10 issue.  Does anyone know what I need to do to have WiFi connected while the AP1100 is connected to the laptop with Ethernet cable?


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