Re: Is my LT2APM or 119FSA Miss-Drilled?

Mark Lamb

After a good phone conversation with George (very generous customer service) and with more inspection, I found the MA on the FHD tripod was rotated 60deg.  At the base there are 6 screws, at 60deg increments.  I unattached the MA and rotated 60deg and reattached to where the 3 large bolts and notches in MA are aligned with the tripod legs .  My G11 head also has 6 screw receptacles in its base, in which 3 screws insert for attachment to the MA.  I moved each of these screws 60deg, so it will align with the correct MA orientation, as well as fit correctly for my LW tripod (which seemed to be oriented correctly).  So the problem seems to be that FHD tripod was originally assembled slightly wrong, either at Losmandy, ES, or HPS (it was a 2018 NEAF display unit).  This problem was NOT an issue with my G11, as I put in the screws in the G11 base in a complimentary fashion.
LT2APM and 119FSA now can attach with all 4 screws, and the AP1100 aligns correctly, with CW over the N leg.  The only mild irritation is that the N and S engravings on the 119FSA do not line up with N and S physically; N engraved mark is actually 60deg off towards the NW.  But physically, everything is correct.

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