Re: VPort2 / Fault / Sync Target: Valid Alt/Az, RA/Dec, HA/Dec has not been received!"

Erkaslan Aygen wrote:


  • Currently I have the version. I remember having upgraded to this latter a few weeks ago, but I am unable to recall the version before. I don't know whether it can answer somehow your question but I activated my license on 08/06/2021. 

If you know the date it last worked for sure, in C:\ProgramData\Astro-Physics\APCC\Logs are log files and at the very top of the log is the version number.  I think it may auto-purge at some point but it keeps a fair period of time.


What might be interesting is if you could find in the log files the same operation that worked then, and fails now, and see if it shows differences.  But at the least, you can get the version number you were using.




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