Re: GoTos


Responding to Scott, here are some photos of the tandem setup on my 900. The main saddle is a DOVELM162. The tandem plate is an SBD18SS, the C14 is on another DOVELM162, with a Losmandy C14 dovetail and mounting blocks. The 6"f9 is on an ADM TGAD, with a custom riser block to match the hole patterns, and allow it to clear the raised, central section of the SBD. The scope is on a Losmandy plate that has AP mounting hole patterns, so the rings can attach to it.

To adjust out cone error for the C14, I made some brass plates to go between the plate and the blocks, which allows the safety knob to be replaced with a SS cap screw. Otherwise, the screw would go into a recess in the blocks. It's much easier to dial in the correction this way, rather than trial and error with shims, for such a heavy scope. Once the C14 is set, the TGAD allows the refractor to be made parallel. However, the TGAD does have some flexure, so the relative position of objects shifts a little in different orientations. If there's a better solution for two-axis alignment, I'd love to try it. 

With the dew shield the C14 extends nearly as far forward as the refractor, but being tail-heavy, it doesn't extend out as far in back. 


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