Is my LT2APM or 119FSA Miss-Drilled?

Mark Lamb

A couple days ago I received my AP1100 mount with a LT2APM  and 119FSA to mount on my Losmandy FHD tripod.

Today, I am assembling the AP1100 on the FHD tripod and I noticed some problems, as the holes of the LT2APM and 119FSA do not line up in the proper orientation.

According the the AP1100 manual, the counterweights should be directly over the North tripod leg.  I cannot get the pieces to align this way when using 4 screws between the LT2AP and 119FSA.  Proper alignment is possible using only 2 screws, but the manual says to use 4.  None of the other 6 holes on the LT2APM line up with the 119FSA.

I can line up 4 holes, but counterweights will be offset from the North leg.

Is the LT2APM or 119FSA Miss-Drilled?

Is using 2 screws, with the CW directly over the N leg stable enough?

Is using 4 screws, but with the CW offset vs. the N leg stable enough?

The photo below has the proper orientation, with all the tripod legs being aligned with the inside "triangle" holes on the LT2APM, and the AP1100 will thread into the 6 holes on the 119FSA  collar, resulting in good aligment, but with only 2 screws fastening.  None of the other 6 holes of the 119FSA line up with the LT2APM.

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