Re: Setting up NINA

Bruce Donzanti

Thanks Linwood.

I went down your checklist of items and was testing during the day.  It is still not slewing to the correct coordinates that I enter.  Also, the Sky Atlas is showing the correct coordinates as expected but the transit time for an object is way off, still indicating the mount thinks it is elsewhere.  It will return correctly to park 4.  So, I am still at a loss what else to check.  Lat/long (28.688/81.49) are correct; the "Do not sync" is off; in the AP ASCOM v2 driver v5.30.10 lat and long are correct.  However, when I click Get Lat/Long from Mount, the Long direction flips from W to E.  

I am not sure what else to sync or check but I am obviously something very basic.


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