IC 1805, Heart Nebula | Mach1 GTO3 | Takahashi ε-180ED


Very happy owner of a Mach1 GTO3 since 2012. That mount honestly never let me down! Since a year it’s permanently placed in my backyard roll-off roof observatory. Where I live light pollution is severe. That means narrowband filters for deep sky imaging. 

I would like to share an image of the Heart Nebula with a little more than 29 hours of integration time through the new Baader Planetarium CMOS optimised Ultra-Highspeed SII (4nm), Hα (3.5nm) and OIII (4nm) filters mapped in Hubble palette. Captured with a Takahashi Epsilon-180ED f/2.8 and ZWO ASI294MM Pro camera. Pre-processing was done in Astro Pixel Processor. Post-processing in Adobe Photoshop. For post-processing the stars where separated from the nebulas with Russell Croman's excellent new 'StarXTerminator' plug-in. Thanks for watching!



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