Re: Unexpected mount movement

Cheng-Yang Tan

There’s one other possibility: ground motion. 

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It was not likely the mount. Lets assume for a second it is not the mount, what would be next on the list?

Drawtube moving would move the star on the frame as well. Have you looked at that? If so how? Do you have a laser you can put in the drawtube and flex the drawtube to see how much play is in it?

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Not a guiding issue as I'm not guiding.  Since the absolute encoders didn't log they detected any slew or directed movement, then Ray's theory of slippage of the clutch makes sense.  I'm not sure how the slipping happen.  I feel no slippage when I manually try and move the scope.  The clutch knobs were tightened using a hex key.  Maybe there was some movement elsewhere in the imaging train, but everything seems buttoned down.  I imaged all night last night with no problems, so unless it crops up again, I'm assuming it's just one of those mysteries.


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