VPort2 / Fault / Sync Target: Valid Alt/Az, RA/Dec, HA/Dec has not been received!"

Erkaslan Aygen

Good morning,

Since a fews days I am experiencing an issue and I hope that someone could help me in solving it. I keep having the following error message every time I sending a command to my acquisition software (Voyager) to center a target : "VPort 2 / Fault / Sync target: Valid Alt/Az, HA/Dec has not been received"

My equipment, in a nutshell :

  • AP 1100 GTO CP4
  • Firmware VCP4-P02-10
  • Connection type : TCP + backup port. NOTE: my ethernet cable transits via a "Neatgear Hub"
  • ASCOM Plateform 6.5 SP1(6.5.1. 3234)
As can be seen on the below image, I don't have any problem to connect to APCC nor to the AP driver. However, as mentioned, I keep having the above mentioned error message for a couple of days and I don't know why ! I did not change anything nor installed any W10 updates.

Also, I have already reinstalled the APCC and the AP driver but the problem persists :(

I would appreciate your support.

Best regards,

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