Re: Setting up NINA

Bruce Donzanti wrote:


  • I set up in NINA for the first time yesterday. I was asked to have NINA sync with the mount or vice vera. I synced NINA to the mount/telescope (AP1100 in park 4). It slewed fine during the day. Now trying it at night and after I unpark it, it slews but to the wrong location. I looked at a DSO (e.g., Bubble N) in the Sky Atlas. It came up but the coordinates and transit are wrong and, of course, it slewed to the wrong area of the sky. I am in a permanent setup and my location coordinates are correct. I tested using SkySafari and the scope slewed to the correct location. Any suggestions as to what am I doing wrong would be appreciated.



NINA uses the computer clock, so assuming it is approximately right, if its sky atlas is wrong, it is likely the lat/long.   Perhaps a missing minus sign?  USA is + for lat, - for long (sorry if that's obvious).


Other things you can check:


Date and time the same in the mount (normally APCC Advanced Settings, Keep Mount time synced to PC time will do it). 


Check the lat/long and see if they are right in all places -- I am still not completely sure how the sites in APCC and ASCOM differ but they should end up being the same).


Under NINA, Options, Equipment, Telescope there is a "Do not sync" which should be turned off.


ASCOM Driver Additional Conf settings check the Use RECAL for Sync's (should be on).


After you unpark at night, I would slew somewhere and plate solve so it can do a sync. You can do it in APPM (whether there is a model in use or not) under the Plate Solve and Recal, or do it in NINA with a slew and center command either in a sequence or from framing assistant.  This should get APCC and NINA in sync (though they really should not have been far off to begin with).  But this is usually for very very minor discrepancies, you seem like you have a major one.




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