Re: Smart Meridian Flip with NINA #APCC

Joseph Beyer

Hi Dale,

Yes, with Ray's help it looks like things are sorted out and running as expected again.  

Thanks for posting your MF settings.  Mine matched except for the use of "Use telescope side of pier" which I've now turned on.  What settings should be selected in the Meridian tab of APCC?  

I stumbled on a couple settings one in the "Program Operation" box of the "Setup" tab in APCC under the "Advanced Settings" box. It brings up a dialogue that allows the user to link third party applications to APCC.  In previous versions of APCC this was limited to SGP but I see it now includes NINA.  By checking the box it now changes a check box found in the Meridian Limits tab to read "Send limit with offset to NINA". I'm assuming both of these need to activated to support the Smart Meridian Flip?      

I initially setup a standard meridian flip in NINA not using the APCC defined limits and it went off without a hitch.  The smart meridian flips I've tried not so much.  Seems the complicating factor is a lack of measurement points in my dec tracking models which results in poor pointing after the flip.  I'll refine my models a bit to see if I can get the mapping model numbers more reasonable to help pointing. 


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