Re: GoTos

Scott Cooke

Would love to see a picture of the side by side setup.  I have thought of doing something similar with my 900.

On Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 1:03 AM <weems@...> wrote:
My 900 carries a C14 and 6” f9 side by side and generally gets within 10’ of the target (closer to 7’ when not into refraction near the horizon).  And it can slew from one side of the meridian to the other then be told to return to the starting object, and will get it within 1’.  The planets are a bit off, probably because of clock drift, as I haven’t set it since the DST change.  But It wasn’t close to that until I did a draft alignment for 30 minutes in each axis, and adjusted cone error to less than 1’. It’s on a 12” concrete pier, with a very short rat cage. I replaced the flexible Celestron dovetail with a Losmandy. Every mechanical connection is also really tightened up.


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