AP1100AE PHD2 guiding with wind


Been a lot of PHD2 discussion recently, so what's one more... 

Dry season is starting soon here with more clear skies, but it usually comes with some wind.

I realize the real fix for wind is a wind break, but some of us just have to be out in it... 

So far I am getting really good guiding, 0.20-0.30 if the wind is calm and the seeing good.  I've hit 0.18" at times for goodly periods.  Really good, and not very sensitive either, I have tried short exposures, long exposures, with a model, without a model. I am sure I could screw it up, but all the reasonable stuff just works.

But the season change brings me to the question: Is there anything you would recommend changing to respond to light wind, the kind that moves the OTA around a bit, say 3-8mph with a C11 and dew shield on it.  In particular do shorter exposures help, or do they fight the encoders?  Longer?  Bigger min moves? 

I do realize the encoders only "see" movement within the mount's mechanism, not shifts that also involve the tripod, etc.  And some of that movement is brief impulse that bounces back, and some may be an actual shift that guiding has to take out.  It's not a simple issue. 

That's why I am wondering if experience has any guidance for the best approach in calm vs windy?

My first inclination is do nothing, but there are folks out there who have probably seen and fought every problem so... advice?


PS. And yes, when Is see a girl with a dog on a bicycle blowing past, I will bring the mount inside.

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