Re: RA Mesh adjustment for 2104 model Mach 1 GTO

Bill Long

The shift key on a desktop keyboard and the shift key on a laptop keyboard will do the same thing.

Like Roland, I do a fresh calibration every time I use the mount, even if it has been left outside and nothing has changed at all. I guess I can say I kind of cheat on that, as my automation does the PHD calibration for me every time the Voyager DragScript is run -- but the net effect is the same. I also check and tweak my Polar Alignment each night (before the calibration of course) but that just gives me something to do when I am waiting for the sky to darken up. 

Another very important thing to know about PHD2:  If you manually rotate the camera after you calibrate PHD2 you need to calibrate it again. If you have an automated ASCOM rotator hooked up to PHD, I believe it can still use the previous calibration (since it knows about the rotation) but I have never relied on that feature, and I always recalibrate PHD even if it was my NiteCrawler that did the rotation for me.

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I really appreciate the feedback. the entire community is enriched by your participation. 

That being said I do need to clarify something on this thread. As I have looked back at my guide screen, I was not only checking off " auto-restore."   I was  also  checking  "clear mount calibration."  In fact I think in my case auto-restore is always checked and before I begin guiding I check "clear mount calibration." I am quite sure I did so the other night. If this is  a way to calibrate, and I believe  it is, it seems more gratifying because from my perspective I can confirm the operation/command has been initiated. The shift click method, well, I just want to make sure it happens and the intended command is sent to Phd2 .  I have noticed with Windows laptops the functions are different from what they are on desktop keyboards. At least for keystrokes involving function keys.  Actually I am looking at my laptop, it has no function keys, just a top row of number keys. Likely this  has no affect with this shift click operation. But I am looking for the surfeit way to get the command to Phd2. And again I  am looking at my guide screen and auto restore calibration is checked off as a sort of default in my settings atleast. 

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