Re: RA Mesh adjustment for 2104 model Mach 1 GTO

Roland Christen

Actually it's not that bad at all. Your initial results were quite good, you got round stars with your 6" refractor. You just have to remember to calibrate before you start imaging - if your setup is new each time. Polar alignment is nice to nail exactly but certainly not necessary. I rarely ever push it to below about 3 or 4 arc minutes. Just not worth the time if you are guiding anyways.

If Dec backlash comes out to 15 arc sec or less, you're fine also. No need to try adjusting and tightening the mesh. As far as RA mesh adjustment in your heading - RA mesh has no real effect on guiding. There is no RA backlash because the mount is always moving forward at 1x sidereal rate. Guiding in RA simply slows down and speeds up the tracking rate, it never reverses, so there is no backlash effect.

Speaking of 1x sidereal, all guiding should always be done at 1x guide rate. Never less than 1x and never more than 1x. There is a myth that guiding at a reduced rate will somehow produce better guiding - that is total hogwash. Reduced rates will make Dec guiding worse, not better. And that applies to every mount out there, not just ours.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing the unguided tracking graph results. I'll then know better if anything needs to be adjusted on the mount. I have some prelim results from Andrew down in Oz that indicates the mount is just fine, but I want to make sure.


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no the weather was crapped out but tonight should be game.   I realize which is obvious from my experiences how how I am on the dummy  side of  push here dummy --Phd.

I think it is time for me to do the painful thing of reading the 74 page Phd2 manual because I think it is an apparent myth that I bought into early on that being a push here dummy  was adequate. It really is not. 

Roland Christen

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