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Roland Christen

Balance isn't that important on the 1100 as long as the clutches are fully tight. You might want to check that all your bits and pieces of the dovetail system are fully tight.


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I guess it would have to be a clutch slip, if the mount's encoders don't show the movement.  I'll check the balance again.  I know it's not a cable tug or the like as I viewed the security camera footage of the scope at the time interval in question, and the cables are shown free and unencumbered. 

I currently switch between using the QuadTCC and the field flattener on the scope.  The reducer is mostly in the focuser while the flattener protrudes from the end of the focuser, so the balance point shifts when swapping.  Being a lazy guy, I've balanced in Dec somewhere between the two, so my Dec isn't perfectly in balance.  I've been doing that for while now and haven't noticed any adverse effects.  Is that a bad assumption?  Will swapping between the two affect my APCC model?  If it's a problem, i could see about perhaps adding a small counterweight to the front when swapping to keep it all in balance w/out having to move the scope in the dovetail.  What's the best practice when changing flatteners/reducers as far as balance and models is concerned?


Roland Christen

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