Re: Unexpected mount movement

Ray Gralak

Hi Alex,

According to your log, during the interval you said the shift happened, there was only 0.4 src-seconds of movement in Dec and 0.04 sec (.6 arc-sec) movement of RA.

Dec coordinates:
0797942 2021-10-12 05:04:30.730: Debug, Command Thread, TX='#:GD#'|RX='-02*22:55.9#'
0807658 2021-10-12 05:06:51.730: Debug, Command Thread, TX='#:GD#'|RX='-02*22:55.5#'

RA coordinates
0797940 2021-10-12 05:04:30.698: Debug, Command Thread, TX='#:GR#'|RX='05:41:52.93#'
0807656 2021-10-12 05:06:51.698: Debug, Command Thread, TX='#:GR#'|RX='05:41:52.97

So, whatever caused the double image was not caused by the mount or APCC. Are you sure the scope was well-balanced, and the mount clutches were tight?


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The scope jogged north in the DEC direction about 110 pixels, or about 2.4' at my image scale. I'm using a
130GTX with a QuadTCC and QHY268M camera and everything is using screwed connections and seems
tight. I've never seen this kind of movement in my images before that didn't involve bumping the pier, but it
was still 20 minutes from the meridian and the images after this look fine. I'm not sure what in the optical train
would suddenly shift. I reviewed the security camera footage in the observatory and I did see any external
movement on the scope like cables shifting or anything.

I didn't see anything obvious in the APCC log, but most of what's in there is greek to me.


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