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Roland Christen

RA is which way? Left to right perhaps?


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Subject: [ap-gto] Unexpected mount movement

I had a strange hiccup in one of my subs last night and was wondering if anyone has a suggestion of what may have happened.  I was imaging the horse head nebula, and during one of the subs, it looks like the mount jogged a bit.  The mount is an 1100 with absolute encoders and I’m using a pointing model with APCC pro 1.9.11.  I’m not guiding.

This movement was about 2.4’ in dec.  Judging by the equal brightness of the double stars, it appears this happened right in the middle of the 2 minute sub.  Looking at the SGP logs doesn’t show anything amiss.  The sub immediately before and after look fine other than the later subs are shifted.  This happens around 20 minutes before the meridian flip, which occurred normally.

Here is the APCC log file.  The exposure happened from 5:04:40 to 5:06:40, so I'd imagine the jog happened around 5:05:40 or so.

And here's the offending sub.

Roland Christen

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