Re: RA Mesh adjustment for 2104 model Mach 1 GTO

W Hilmo

There are several ways to disable guiding.

I posted the steps that I did because I want to be consistent with Roland's messaging.

As for how MnMo works, it essentially ignores any positional error in the guide star that exceeds the number of pixels specified.  If the guide star moves more than 20 pixels after a 1 second guide exposure, then I doubt that the result would be useful anyway.  If that happens, then we'll have to figure out what's happening and how to deal with it.

I do have one other thought, though.  I know that Nicholas has been testing with non-zero time lapse values in the camera tab.  It's probably best to set that back to zero for this test.


On 10/11/21 4:43 PM, Peter Nagy wrote:
Configure PHD2 to use your main camera through the refractor and make sure that it is set for single star guiding (the "use multiple stars" checkbox must be unchecked). 
Well, after GA is done, won't Nicholas have to translate to appropriate MnMo settings for guide scope. I believe his guide scope is 160mm to 165mm  focal length. I know how to translate but can Nicholas? 

set MnMo to 20.00
I think it would be best to uncheck the checkbox for "Enable mount guide output" under Guiding tab. But if running GA, guide output correction is automatically disabled. 


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