Re: RA Mesh adjustment for 2104 model Mach 1 GTO


Here's the picture from those logs - unguided output with 2 second exposures, approx 20 minutes total time


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Guide logs are great for Geeks that like to wade thru long log files. I'm not one of them.

In order to evaluate the health of your mount I would like to see the following done as I asked before: a simple guide graph screen shot.

1) Take a 15 - 20 minute guide graph with guide exposure set to 1 second on a reasonably right star (forget multi-star guiding, it's not important for this mount health test)
2) for the entirety of the test have guide corrections turned OFF

Easiest way to turn off guide corrections is to set MinMove to 20.0 for both axes. Another way is to go into your guide setup and uncheck the guide corrections box for RA and Dec.

The screen shot should show both the drift of both axes as well as the shape of the RA periodic error for the entire 15 - 20 minute period. It will be a clean image of only the mount with none of the interference of any outside software.

Once I get that screen shot from you I can evaluate the state of the mount, whether the bearings are smooth or not and lots of other things that may or may not need some care or adjustment. Until i see that, we cannot do much here but watch and wait. I have only a few more days here at AP, after which I will be gone on an extended trip and won't be able to advise you until I get back the first week of November.


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Hello Mr. Christen.

Firstly I want to express my sincere gratitude for offering to evaluate my Phd2 log data in light of how busy you must already be.   I am not convinced that any issues are not operational efficiency, for example, I likely could improve on my guide-scope/ guide cam structure to make it more solid. On the saddle was a 152mm F8 refractor triplet with a few LBS of imaging related equipment.

Attached is Phd2 log from last night. @ 23:48 I began a recalibration, then I proceeded with the guide assist on after having skewed from the handbox from Park 3 to NGC 7541.
Thank you!

Roland Christen


Brian Valente

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