Re: Smart Meridian Flip with NINA #APCC

Andrew J

Hi Joe.

I also gave N.I.N.A a go this weekend. I didn't have meridian flip issues, but I did have problems getting my dome and safety monitors working. After it shut down everything the second time because a cloud went over I quit and went back to SGP. I haven't been able to determine how to build a sequence with auto-recovery. I think N.I.N.A is good sotware with a LOT of potential, but stilll a little rough around the edges as one would expect as version 1.11 is still in development. I love that I can use the Ground Station plugin with MQTT to publish the state of each piece of equipment. I use it with home assistant to keep tabs on everything. MQTT opens up a whole new world as now I can control non-ASCOM switches and other things in my observatory using MQTT and Home Assistant. That said, for N.I.N.A to be come my primary imaging software I would need the ability to easily Pause sequences, Replay parts of sequence, and it desperately needs a "debugger" that would allow me to place break points and step through the sequence one step and exit a sequence if I discover a problem. I also need to figure out to auto-recover a sequence so I don't loose an entire nights imaging if a few clouds blows over and sets off my safety monitor. 


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