Re: Smart Meridian Flip with NINA #APCC

Joseph Beyer

Got it.  

Are there any particular parameters in the Meridian tab I should be cautious about?  I've always kept the "Counterweight Up Slews within:" East and West limits boxes checked.   When sitting nearby the mount in the past I've started imaging east of the meridian counterweights up and image through the meridian without a flip.  Since starting to use NINA I've unchecked the boxes assuming NINA would flip at the correct time.  I've had it work fine at least once.  When I tried to add in the smart flip which included the use of meridian limits I mapped for my equipment that's when things went bad initially, although that may be a red herring.  It may all come back to the pointing model values and the pointing model use which I need to disable each time.  Any thoughts on why my equipment is creating such high values beyond the need for a denser model?  Pointing and tracking are likely different animals but unguided imaging on the west side seems to be as accurate as the east. 


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